Question: Why aren’t my Instagram hashtags showing up?


This happened probably many of you guys. It happened on my accounts that I had. I was using the hashtags as a comment, picture wasn’t showing under any of the hashtags. Only my followers could see that. There are 3 main reasons why your instagram hashtags (tags, hash tags) are not showing up.

1. Instagram Terms violation. Posting such as nude, hateful, sexual pictures are the main ones. Please click here to check the Instagram Terms and Conditions. In this case there is no way you can get your account fixed. Usually they block or terminate your account.


2. Commenting Hashtags Bug. This one is pretty common. Sometimes you comment hashtags to your photo, it goes thru (it works) but it wont show up under comments. Since instagram allows only 30 hashtags at a time, it wont read the new hashtags you post, because it already have the hashtags which you cant see. It is a system bug, even if you delete and reinstall the app it wont help. There is a way you can fix this.
a. Login to (with instagram)
b. Go to “My Photos”
c. Select the photo that you are having issue with.
d. Comments will be listed on the right side (if you dont see the comment refresh the browser). Once you hover over the comment little  garbage can image will show up, Click and delete the comment.


3. Instagram Bugs. Lately a lot of users account either disabled or deleted for no reason. Instagram hasn’t said anything about this issue. It’s either there is a bug in their system that deletes accounts for no reason, or some employees deleting it on purpose, or Instagram is overloaded and trying to offload a little bit. Instagram customer support is not good, so emailing them doesn’t really work, but you can give it a try.

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