This Hedgehog Disguised with Masks is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Marutaro is the most popular hedgehog in Japan. Heck, he could even be the most popular hedgehog in the world! With over 47,000 followers and countless fans all over the web, there’s no doubt that Marutaro’s enjoying the fame. He enjoys having adorable illustrated masks placed on his face by his owner. Plus, he even has his very own calendar showcasing his cuteness 12 months a year.

Now hold tightly because you might just fall off your seat!















Taken from TopNCool Blog


This Photographer Made $15K on Instagram.. In Just One Day

NY-based photographer Daniel Arnold was facing bankruptcy. He only had $90.03 in his bank account until he used Instagram to make him $15K richer in just one day.

Here are a few of his Instagram shots using his phone or at times, his 35mm:




The Brooklyn photographer had over 23,000 followers (Now, over 30,000) when he decided to sell his photographs at $150 each to his followers on the eve of his 34th birthday. He seized the opportunity and posted, “Hello, I just turned 34 this second. For one day only I am selling 4×6 prints of whatever you want from my Instagram archive for $150 each. I swear I will never sell anything this cheap again. If you’re interested, send a screenshot of the photo(s) of your choice to (one d) and I will send a paypal invoice, followed by a signed print. Easy peasy. Happy my birthday. I love you”


The response was overwhelming. People quickly turned in their submissions, with one even offering to pay $1,000 for whichever prints that garnered at least 1,000 likes. Even actor James Franco got in on the action. He realized he was able to earn $15,000 in just one day.

instagram wealth

Now, he’s working on his backlog orders since he doesn’t want to turn down any opportunity. “I’ve been eating toast three meals a day all February. And it’s not like I’m any kind of entrepreneur. I’m a business idiot,” Arnold quips.

Curious? Follow him on Instagram: @arnold_daniel

TagMePink by @Tagsforshare

tagmepinkHello everybody. Sorry I have been a little busy lately, didn’t get to post anything new. I  am hoping you  guys are doing well.

So I came up with this new TagMePink idea and hope you guys will like it. [This is for Girls only, we will have a guy version of it as well] Simply you  email your beautiful picture to with your Instagram username and we will post them to our new IG account @tagmepink. This is kind of a new way of giving a shoutout:) We will also tag you on your pictures. Boys, do not forget to follow us and also like these cute Instagram Girls. This won’t be it of course, we will have some cools stuff very soon. Keep following us and dont forget to email your pictures!

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Take care everyone


Instagram Video!

June 20th, 2013 was a big day for Instagram as well as for me (it was my BDay) :) Instagram came out with a new feature which most of us were excited to see. INSTAGRAM VIDEO SHARE!!!! It’s a pretty cool feature, you can shoot up to 15 second video. It has a been a week since its out, and it already killed Vine’s business [VINE-KILLER:)] Lots of Top Brands already using Instagram video feature to promote their products.  So since we got new instagram video, so obviously there will be a lot of new hashtags for instagram videos. I am already working on it, and our new Iphone app will be available in appstore very soon, we already submitted our app just waiting for an approval from Apple. Also we started working on new Android app, it should be done very soon, right after that we will be working on Windows phone app. Once I am done with instagram video hashtags our update will be available in appstore. Hope you guys enjoy our app, any issue with the app, please contact us thru contact form in our app.


Tagsforshare Iphone app launching soon…

5 months ago,in January 23rd when I launched the, I knew it will get popular but not this fast to be honest:)I just want to thank you guys for using my website and  I also really appreciate for your good feedbacks, it really makes me happy. Today I just wanted to let you know that our Iphone/Ipod touch app for Tagsforshare will be launching soon (in 3-4 days, maybe earlier |  Approval by Apple might take up to 2 weeks, hopefully they will approve right away). I am really excited :) For those who using Android, I have good news for you guys as well, we are also working on Android app  and it will be out in about a week or two, we  have just started working on the app.  Ipad and  Ipad mini apps will be available right after Iphone app is out.  Your feedbacks are really important to me, dont forget to rate us on Appstore. I will have “Contact Us” option on my apps, any inquires or issues, please contact us, I will do my best to help you guys ( you know me, I always do:) )


Question: Why aren’t my Instagram hashtags showing up?


This happened probably many of you guys. It happened on my accounts that I had. I was using the hashtags as a comment, picture wasn’t showing under any of the hashtags. Only my followers could see that. There are 3 main reasons why your instagram hashtags (tags, hash tags) are not showing up.

1. Instagram Terms violation. Posting such as nude, hateful, sexual pictures are the main ones. Please click here to check the Instagram Terms and Conditions. In this case there is no way you can get your account fixed. Usually they block or terminate your account.


2. Commenting Hashtags Bug. This one is pretty common. Sometimes you comment hashtags to your photo, it goes thru (it works) but it wont show up under comments. Since instagram allows only 30 hashtags at a time, it wont read the new hashtags you post, because it already have the hashtags which you cant see. It is a system bug, even if you delete and reinstall the app it wont help. There is a way you can fix this.
a. Login to (with instagram)
b. Go to “My Photos”
c. Select the photo that you are having issue with.
d. Comments will be listed on the right side (if you dont see the comment refresh the browser). Once you hover over the comment little  garbage can image will show up, Click and delete the comment.


3. Instagram Bugs. Lately a lot of users account either disabled or deleted for no reason. Instagram hasn’t said anything about this issue. It’s either there is a bug in their system that deletes accounts for no reason, or some employees deleting it on purpose, or Instagram is overloaded and trying to offload a little bit. Instagram customer support is not good, so emailing them doesn’t really work, but you can give it a try.


Getting Followers and Likes on Instagram

1. Go public:

Being private means nobody but your friend will see your pictures. Basically you are limiting your visibility. Make sure your Instagram account is public. Click “Edit Your Profile” >Photos are Private (Make sure its OFF)


2. Select your best pictures:

This is the most important step for getting a lot of likes or followers on Instagram. People looking for good and interesting content. Pictures such as landmarks, sunset scene, a good face shot will work the best.  High quality pictures will attract more users.


3. Use Hashtags:

Using instagram hashtags will attrack more users, who are searching for specific type of photos. Here at www.tagsforshare, I have all trending instagram hashtags (top hashtags) that will get you more likes and followers. All the trending hashtags are up to date.


4. Tagging the location (Geotags):

Tagging the location of the picture will also help you get more likes and followers. People are interested in the location of the picture that use post.  Also tagging location on photos, Instagram will bring up other pictures from the same location.  That means, if somebody checks the location from some other picture might see your picture from that location as well.


5. Following/Liking/Commenting other users:

I would say, this is the best way to gain followers. Most of the users follow back, and they mention it on their profile as well. Liking several photos of users and commenting on them will get you followers and likes. Try following and liking users who have less followers or new to instagram.


6. Invite friends:

Inviting your friends is another best way to get followers.

Click the “gear” icon (Settings/Options) on top right > Find&Invite Friends >Invite Friends


7. Share your photos on Social Networks:

Instagram give you an option to share your photos on several different Social Network such as Facebook, Twitter, Email share, Tumblr, Flickr, foursquare.  This make it easy for your friends to see your pictures and like them.

Click the “gear” icon (Settings/Options) on top right >Share Settings (Set up your accounts here)


8. Don’t change your username frequently:

Some users don’t want to follow people that they don’t know. Make sure you don’t change your username more often. Your friends might not recognize your new username and unfollow you.



*Don’t take random pictures of yourself. Thats annoying.

*Share some fun pictures

*Follow the users that says they will follow back. Cuz they actually do;)

*Post 3-4 pictures a day.

*Make sure to share cool pictures.

*Fill out your info (use signs emojis)

*Use photo filters

*Like random users photos.

*Use only my hashtags:)

If you know more tips just share it with your comments.



New Instagram Hashtags for 2013

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know, I updated all the hashtags, so you have all new Instagram hashtags for 2013. I also added new Country and International City hashtags which I believe you guys get the most of the likes from. One more thing, I added #tagsforshare hashtag for each  hashtag groups, it just makes it easy for me to track. Enjoy new Instagram Hashtags 2013 and get more instagram likes and followers.

New Mobile friendly

Hello everybody,

I was pretty busy lately, that is why it took a little long, but finally we came out with new user-friendly mobile site. I personally like it, but its brand new and it might be perfect, I understand. Please comment us if you have any suggestions. If you are used to older version of our website you can still switch it back to it (roll down, you will see Classic Version).  Hope you guys enjoy it and keep using our hashtags for Instagram;)

Be safe!!